Know the price for your taxi fare in Panama-City!

First time in Panama City or planning to visit Panama soon? Then you might find the information below in regards to taxi fares in Panama interesting.

Unlike in many other countries, taxis in Panama do not have a taxi meter. To get the price of a fare it is usually common that you discuss the fare price upfront.

Agree upon the Taxi Fare

To avoid disappointments discuss a price with the taxi driver before entering the taxi. Some cab drivers have an overview of Panama-City with price indications depending on the district you are traveling within and towards. Most of the taxi drivers though, do not have those maps. It is recommended to come to an agreement on the taxi fare upfront.

Taxi Fare Indication

Taking a taxi alone? The taxi fare will probably vary between $1.75 – $3.50 per fare.
Take in calculation a surcharge of around $1 for every additional person.

Above given taxi fare indications do not apply for fares out of the city. Also take in consideration that fares to touristic attractions such as the Panama Canal may be a lot more expensive. Sometimes taxi drivers will charge you double or triple the above mentioned prices depending on the distance you are traveling. Also try to come to an agreement upon the price when traveling towards touristic sights to avoid disappointments.

Tip: try to avoid traffic hours: 8-10am, 12:00-1:30pm and 4:30-7:00pm in all major parts of the city. Take another coffee or ice-cream at one of the many stands in the Malls meanwhile.