Are you a fan of movies? Then you will love to know that their are plenty of Cinemas in Panama-City. After a day of shopping, dining and drinks you will definitely enjoy a movie in any of the malls. Most movies in Panama are Spanish spoken, however their are also English subtitled and spoken movies available. You may reserve and pay your ticket online with your credit card or just visit the sales desk of the cinema directly to get your ticket. There are two major cinema firms in Panama:

  • Cinepolis
  • Cinemark

Cinema Locations

In the following malls you will find Cinepolis:

And here you will find Cinemark:

Movies Playing Now

Cinepolis in Panama                          Cinemark in Panama
Visit Cinepolis and get a list of actual movies.                      Visit Cinemark and get a list of actual movies.

Movie Ticket Prices

The tables below will show you what the regular* prices are for movie tickets at both Cinepolis and Cinemark cinemas.


Age2D Movies3D MoviesVIP Theater
(under 12)
$3.50 $15.00$13.00


Age2D Movies3D Movies3DXD Movies
(under 12)

Cinema Deals

The Cinemas often have attracting deals available which may include a discount on movie tickets or snacks and drinks combos. For actual deals visit the cinema websites directly at: Cinepolis / Cinemark. Price sources: and